About JP Corwyn

The Man

Legally blind since birth; JP Corwyn considers himself once and Always a New Yorker, (born out on Long Island) though he spent several post-high school years in Washington, DC. He now makes his home in Tampa, Florida. Corwyn's spent much of 2019 abroad. After a few months in beautiful South Korea; Corwyn is currently in England finishing the next book in his series. Well travelled and well versed, Corwyn brings his life experience and passions into both his fantasy novels and his emotive music.

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About JP Corwyn

The Author

A lifelong love affair with literature, fantasy, and fiction; it was inevitable that JP Corwyn would use his talents for story telling to create a world of his own. His new fantasy series, starting with the Cycle of Bones, are bold, brave, and immersive. Discover the world of Skolf, available on Amazon November, 2019!

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About JP Corwyn

The Musician

Almost able to sing before he could talk, JP has always had a deep connection with everything musical. On vocals and acoustic guitar, Corwyn has helmed an EP and two full length albums to date, seeing him team up with gold-winning engineer and producer, David Pezza, and multi-platinum producer, Micheal Seifert.

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Many Other Talents

Aside from his primary passions as a musician and novelist, J.P. has a number of other talents you might be interested in.


Composing & Arranging

JP is currently working with veteran Composer Alex Jordon, and Producer Hybrid V on creating the official Cycle of Bones Soundtrack; with both symphonic and in-lore vocal performances.


Accents & Voices

JP has taken on the robe and office of Director of Voice for the ambitious Lordbound Skyrim project. This involves live, directed sessions with a talented international cast of Voice Actors.

Side Projects

Custom Work

JP is also working on innovative Star Citizen content for YouTube as Writer, Director of Voice, and composer. In some cases; he even gets to Voice, or otherwise perform on their unique soundtracks.

First ink gets spilled, then blood. Tears come later: with smiles or sobs.

Dereek khnderathii proverb

The Cyle of Bones

A deathless foe as old as civilization walks again. The world has forgotten him, as he’d intended. As he marshals his forces to destroy being, itself, the world races toward its inevitable end. Will you stand beside the last desperate force willing to bar his way?

The Dawn of Unions

The Dawn of Unions

Book 1 - Novella

No simple man is ever really simple. Nobody is just “the hero” or “the soldier”. We all walk many different paths to get to “that moment” – the one that defines... The one that tests our mettle in front of strangers, and beneath the burning spotlight of our own mind’s eye.

Kaith and his fellow arms-men are the only thing between the remaining villagers of Westsong, and the in-flowing tide of monsters that seek their deaths. The Countess of Thorion herself, owns this village, and arrived for the annual autumn festival three days ago. Against all advice, stand or fall; she has decided that she will stay to help defend the little lives of the ordinary folk that call this orchard town home.

Then again; there are no such things as little lives, are there? Nobody is ever really as simple as they seem. Nobody is just “the farmer,” or “the forester,” are they? Smiths, Grooms, Soldiers and Squires must survive desertion, despair, and death if they are to save themselves, let alone anyone else.

In Thorion County, there’s only ever really one constant, “When the Falx finally comes for you; no one can help you. The best you can hope for is to make your life, make your death mean something.”

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The Embers of Trust

The Drums of Unrest

Book 2 - Novel

The next instalment of The Cycle of Bones is currently being worked on. Check back soon for more information.
In the wake of the Red Storm at westsong... Even as County Thorion prepares for the war to come...
The foundations of power begin to crumble
When there are no easy answers...
When all choices seem ill...
A man born to the spear is forced to make an impossible choice.

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The Essence of Truth

The Essence of Truth

Book 3 - Novella

The next instalment of The Cycle of Bones is currently being worked on. Check back soon for more information.

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The Forges of Skolf

The Forges of Skolf

Book 4 - Novel

The next instalment of The Cycle of Bones is currently being worked on. Check back soon for more information.

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Patreon's Live!

That’s right! You’re Friendly Neighborhood BlindGuy is pleased to announce the launch of his OFFICIAL Patreon page! I’ve spent years forging - sometimes foreging for - new ways to propel my voice, my song, my music forward, but I’ve harbored a dark, secret obsession: writing fiction. In November; my debut effort burns its way into the literary world with the novella “The Dawn of Unions” - the first instalment of “The Cycle of Bones”. Of course, self-publishing costs money. Enter Patreon!

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Corwyn's Cadre

Welcome to Corwyn's Cadre! Let me lead off by saying thank you. You, yeah, YOU - the one reading this. You're the reason I do this - the reason I GET to do this. Just wanted to say thanks, while I had you all to myself. To the long-time fans; it's excellent to see you (because I absolutely had to lead off with a blind joke, didn't I?) You know that I sing already, and you likely know that I'm writing fiction...I mean; why else would you be here? :) Give me a second to catch the new folks up.

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